Issue syncing GP widget drawbars and MIDI controller drawbars when "invert" is used

I started to integrate a Numa Organ 2 to my GP rig. The drawbars of the Numa Organ 2 are coded such that drawbar index 0 is MIDI 0 and drawbar index 8 is MIDI 127. It seems that this is inversed with regard to the GP widget drawbars. So using MIDI sync works in both direction, but the sense of the drawbars is inverted. I thought, easy, I simply have to set the “invert” option in the MIDI settings of the widget drawbars and that’s it. But, unfortunately, it seems that it doesn’t invert the value that is sent back to the Numa Organ 2 (or something like that), such that moving a drawbars generates a perpetual motion of the drawbars.

Am I supposed to use scripting to solve this issue ?

Furthermore, when investigating the origin of the issue, I monitored the MIDI message received from the Numa Organ 2 (see picture below) using a MIDI monitor plugin connected to the Numa Organ 2 MIDI in block. From there, I can see the Note messages, but not the CC of the drawbars, while it is visible in the general MIDI monitor.

Is there a clear explanation to this ? :thinking:

I have also had this issue with an in line MIDI monitor not showing a CC… while the plug in was definitely receiving and responding to it. I just never bothered to investigate it those rimes it happened.

The fact that MIDI messages are not displayed intrigues me more than it bothers me. :face_with_monocle:
What bothers me more is that my drawbars start dancing samba if I try to move them.:grimacing:

Probably too tired these days… I didn’t remembered that when a MIDI control is assigned to a widget it is not sent out of its MIDI in block. :relaxed::innocent::upside_down_face:

But, this doesn’t tell me if my issue can be solved without scripting :thinking:

Have you tried to invert the “value” parameter of the widget (not the MIDI one)?

Yes, it is possible to do so when you assign a plugin parameter. Here I have no plugin connected. But, I still assigned a useless plugin parameter to make the test possible, and it doesn’t change things at this level.

To get the motorized faders on my BCF-2000 to correctly correspond with the drawbar widgets I didn’t use the “invert” checkbox for the widget, but rather switched the Min and Max values.

Setting Min to 127 and Max to 0 made mine work properly. (And leaving Invert unchecked.)

Yes, but modifying the < value > settings, has no effect on the MIDI behavior. Here I need to invert the MIDI behavior to make the position of the widget drawbars in GP moving in the same direction than the drawbars of the MIDI controller. But, when I do so the sync option is not working properly anymore :roll_eyes:

I just tested with a motorized of control surface. It synchronizes perfectly, but when I start to use the invert option, to generate an antagonist motion of the MIDI controller and the GP widget slider, It doesn’t synchronizes the right way anymore. It seem to be a limit of GP, not to say a bug.

Please submit bug report in the usual manner.

@David-san Sorry your drawbars are dancing the samba!!

But good to know this is the probably what I was experiencing.

I will do so ASAP.

In my case, the “issue” was sitting between the chair and the beyboard :woozy_face: