Is this just a case of a misplaced 32-bit plugin file?

I suppose this might be a dumb question, but sometimes those have to be asked to :slight_smile:

Last evening I had the feeling that my gig file was loading a little slower than usual, so I went into the Plugin manager and found this;

I closed my gig file, went to sleep, and, when I woke up today and loaded my gig file again, the loading time felt normal.

I tested that my TruePianos sound was still there. I checked in Plugin manager and found this line that didn’t fail;

Then I started to wonder; Is this just the case of a 32-bit .dll being in the wrong folder, being scanned and failing? For all I know that failing line might have been there all the time.

Right click on that plugin as check :slight_smile:


The Plugin Architecture feature will specify is the plugin 32-bit or 64-bit.

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For more information, I don’t think the slowdown is related to the detection of misplaced 32bit plugins.

Just to check, I created and saved a gig file with several 64bit plugins, then copied the 32bit versions of these plugins to the 64bit folder.
Loading the gig file was not slowed down and of course I found the 32bit plugins reported failed.


Maybe some kind of “phone home” vs. network issue?



It was a 32-bit plugin as I thought.

I agree.

When I loaded up the same gig file this morning there was no delay.

Might have been.

Not easy to say.