Is there no "On SongActivate()"?

Is there really no such function?

You could write a on Variation event for the 1st variation referenced in the song.

That’s what I am about to do. I simply remember the song name in a string variable. And everytime a new variation is activated, I check if the song name has changed.
Nonetheless I would have expected that there is a function “On SongActivate()”.

Thanks for your quick answer!

This makes sense I think.

It turns out, that “On Variation()” is only called, if the new variation really differs from the previous. This, of course, does make sense, if you use it in the way it is meant.
But in my case it gets problematic, if the new song starts with the same RS-Variation, that was previously in use.
So I once again postulate a function “On SongActivate()”. :wink:

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