Is there any way to save my buffer size and output level preferences between sessions?

I’m using an Audient evo8 as my interface, and I’m finding that I have to manually set the master output level and the buffer size in the audient mixer application every time I start a new session.

I asked the Audient Help Desk about this issue; specifically, my question was “I’ve noticed that every time I start a new session, I have to manually set the sample rate and the buffer size and the output levels to where I need them. I would like these to be remembered from one session to the next… is there any way to do that?”

Their response was “All of the gain/channel settings are saved in this including the routing, stuff like the output level and sample rate are not saved as the computer can change these.”

Sample rate is not an issue: GP does correctly set the sample rate when it starts up. But if I forget to manually set the buffer size then the default gives me noticeable latency, and I’m scared to try to change it during a performance. And if I forget to manually turn up the output level to maximum, then obviously the FOH mix won’t sound right.


Gig Performer saves the both the sample rate and buffer size and applies them when you start it. GP doesn’t know anything specific about your audio interface, it’s using the standard audio driver API to communicate with your interface. It’s certainly not explicitly changing any gains or other parameters in your interface, it wouldn’t know how!

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yeah, something else is going on here. is there another application, or even the os system audio that is grabbing the interface settings and changing them? are you inadvertently changing the audio ouput levels by changing the system audio volume and using your interface as the ouput of your system volume?

Hmm. I’ll have to do some experimentation. At the moment I’m travelling and don’t have my hardware with me so I’ll come back to this question when I can. Thanks for the help!