Is there a way to get the Artist names?

As the topic title says: is there a way to get the Artist name value from each Song’s properties in SetList mode?

There is a GP Script Function

GetSongArtistName(index : integer)

I’m not sure that is going to help me. Whilst I could possibly create a custom GPScript command via my extension, I would also need to create Scripts that would feed the Artist name back to my custom GPScript command to get the data back into my extension - assuming I’ve understood the flow correctly. I was more hoping there would be a straightforward API call similar to getSongName().

I think the type of extension I am creating is likely not what was envisaged when the SDK was introduced.

Perhaps, but depending on what makes sense, the SDK can be extended to support it

Thank you, David, I’ll submit (another) feature request with a use-case.