Is there a plugin of GP?

Just wondering if the above is available?

Gig Performer is a host, not a plugin. You can use a variety of methods to route audio and midi to and from Gig Performer into DAWs if that is your need.

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Yep sure…but a lot of other manufacturers also allow the host program as a pluging as well eg Kore, Komplete Kontrol, Freestyle etc.

Sorry if not clear either…the other post on channel strip would explain the background a bit.

Well, not a lot, a few — and I would argue that they don’t really do either really well (if they did we wouldn’t be having this conversation :slight_smile: )

In fact the vast majority of hosts (Logic, MOTU Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Bitwig, Cakewalk, Nuendo, Studio One, Cubase, FL Studio, Reaper, Ardour, etc) do not run as plugins and just as those DAWs are intended to be recording product, Gig Performer is intended to be a performance product.

If you just want a plugin chainer, they’re a dime a dozen — and while some people look at GP and see it as a plugin chainer (it’s not!), the reality is that plugin routing part of Gig Performer is a very minor aspect of its purpose.

It is the integration of plugin management with performance management (widgets, multiple rackspaces, variations, songs, song parts, sheet music viewing, OSC and so forth) that makes Gig Performer successful.

From our perspective, part of this is philosophical. Gig Performer is intended to be the solution for a performing musician - either live on stage or in the recording studio. You carry Gig Performer instead of carrying amps, effects pedals, hardware synths and it’s part of your “instrument”, not part of your “recording”.

Brett Pontecorvo wrote a great guest article about this topic which you can find on our blog page.


You might have misunderstood me…I love what I have seen of GP…its the top of the heap BUT I have used eg Kore pretty much since its inception so I mean actually manufacturers of live hosts (ie live focus), definitely not DAWs. The only DAW I know of that can run as a plug is FL but I havent used that for a long time.

Kore does it very well, VIP does it well (buggy at times) but the hardware screen makes up for it

I can see that GP is a VERY mature product and no doubt 1000s or hours worth. I love that it has scripting as well (as mentioned I code python for hardware guys in China > remote scripts for Live).
I was thinking that GP has gone so much further than others and has the mechanisms to be easily able to be a front end ie channel strip wrapper because NO one is actually doing it yet…but that might be a pm for plug and play control surface I was actually thinking about with the OEM guys.

I have been checking out Bretts vids…great stuff.

One of the things that would be nice…that Kore did exquisitely, is variation morphing. It had an 8x2 matrix of snapshots/variations that you could smoothly morph between with an xy or pedal…and live its amazing.

THats one thing that has disappeared over time…the concept that a performance is the recording ie 1 take, spontaneously as it happens. Thats how we play, we just record the live show which means, yes, performance needs to happen, on the fly, played start to finish…no luxuries of 1 track at a time…hehe…you know, like they use to :slight_smile: Its looking like GP maybe the new tool of choice…but thankfully I can tuck some of the best patches as Kore plugin (and performance was also their first focus…pity Komplete Kontrol is such a limited wreck)

Cheers and thanks for your reply

You can morph whatever you want and however you want using widget groups.

Also check out this: [Gig] X-fader - crossfade two volume parameters

I realise you can do 1 dimensional crossfades…but just creating snapshots of any amount of parameters with 1 click and then using 1 controller to morph…as I understand by reading the GP manual…is a completely different thing. Once you use it…its very hard to go back :slight_smile:

A variation in GP is a snapshot of any amount or parameters. Assign parameters to widgets and put them in the same widget group, followed by different activation curves (sine, log, linear, user defined formula, or you can draw one). Select a different variation to a different snapshot. MIDI Learn a widget and watch the show.

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Doable…but I not quite the elegance but at least it can be done. In kore, you just click a slot in the matrix, store, go to the next and do the same but maybe its not a big deal…just learning the new paradigm

Bottom line is, thanks for the info…Ill give it a go…and study it. Will learn something either way.