Is scaling the solution to a fading problem?


i have a ramp to fade out a volume fader widget. 0db = .71 (approx) on the Widget Scale, so i set the fader to .71.

so, when using the ramp generator to fade out, the expression

SetParameter(FADER, 0, f_vol*(1-amplitudeY))

causes the volume to jump up to +6 before fading out.

if i use

SetParameter(FADER, 0, f_vol*(0.71-amplitudeY))

then the fadeout happens from the correct level, but when it gets to the bottom it kind of freaks out.

so, do i need to use the scaling function somehow? if so, how does it work?


or is there some way to set the highest y value to be .71?


You should use SetWidgetValue


hey pianopaul, you are so generous with your time for me…thanks.

of course…i didn’t have a widget in there, i thought i’d be clever and have the ramp work directly on the parameter value. putting a widget in makes it work.