Is it possible to include a rackspace script from the global rackspace script?

I want to get information from a specific rackscript into the global rackscript, also texts.

I can do this probably by creating a Label Text widget in a specific rackspace, and use the GetExternalWidgetLabel function to retrieve the text, but I’m wondering if I can also call functions from a specific rackspace script from the global rackspace script.

No you cannot

But you can send OSC messages to GP and in the Global Rackspace react on that “incoming” message and call the functions you defined in the global rackspace script.

Probably it’s easier then to create widgets with strings to read from the global script :slight_smile:

Using the widgets as configurators for the global rackspace seems also a very nice way to do this (although maybe not the intention of them).

OSC is the secret weapon.


I will try both ways (this script is a good way to learn many aspects of GP)