Is it Poss to have a wired midi connection between iPad Pro 2021 and windows pc?

Is it Poss to have a wired midi connection between iPad Pro 2021 and GP4 on a windows pc .
I need to use a hard wired connection not WiFi
Any help appreciated as it’s complex for me to understand. Cheers

What runs on iPad and what messages should be sent and received from windows?

I want to use midi out on iPad, eg use geoshred midi out to trigger sounds in GP4, I can get it to work over WiFi, but I d rather have a wired connection from. iPad to win pc, this is where the problem lies, usb type c to usb on pc doesn’t work and it’s all a bit complicated.


Why can’t you use WiFi?

Maybe that helps

Because I need to take more gear (eg a router)
We nearly always play in small venues and it’s just something else to set up and go wrong, and it’s complex, cheers

A simple WiFi router is not that complex.
On Mac MiDi connection is simple because Midi is inbuilt into the OS.
In windows - as I know - MIDI is not part of the os.

Do you know this?

Yes , looked a plenty interfaces that will work- but can you have two different ones for plugged into pc ?
Thinks the only other route is iPad into interface and mid out into midi in on my rme interface

I’ve been struggling with this question too, and my investigations have led me to the idea that maybe the simplest route would be to plug a MIDI interface into the iPad and go from there. The problem is then you also need a MIDI interface (or at least an unused MIDI DIN input) on your Windows machine.

So how about this idea:

It looks to be a small USB-to-USB dongle which presents as a MIDI device on both sides. Then I would also need a small USB hub for the iPad (in order to be able to power it), and that should cover it right?

I just switched from a wireless setup to an Ethernet based one. I bought a usb c to Ethernet adapter for the iPad, and connected up to the PC via a powered hub. Originally, I used wifi, but I was having interference when out on a gig and dropouts occurring from time time. Switching to Ethernet was the best move by far. Connection is instant reliable and fast.

In the Mac world there is Bluetooth…

On the windows side, the most basic approach would be to use
a) USB / DIN-MIDI adpater on PC Side
b) USB Camera Kit on iPad
c) another USB / DIN MIDI adapter attached to the Camera Adapter
d) DIN couplers (if needed), connecting I->O / O-> I

So, some kind of classical MIDI connection between the iPad and your PC


PS: for the iPad Pro there’s maybe a direct USB-C / MIDI available, meanwhile