iRig I/O 49 with GP4

I have the option to get an iRIG I/O 49 for a fair price and need a bit feedback from the community related to the use of iRig with GP4:

Main question is related to the interaction between iRig and GP.

I’m using an SL88 with a SL MixFace. Works nice but the SL Mixface is not accepting any feedback from GP widget changes (buttons).

Is iRig accepting feedback from GP related to widget changes ?

I’m also interested in any other feedback / comment to iRig in general and in combination with GP

What should iRig react on?

Hmm… i don’t know this iRig controller - never had one.
But looking at it, the only elements which could maybe have the ability to respond to a “MIDI-feedback” were those pads - the knobs won’t react on any incoming MIDI-message… how should they?

If you want to have a controller with good support for bidirectional MIDI, get the little Behringer X-Touch mini… all the pads react well on the MIDI-sync option of GP-widgets, and also the knobs, which are laid out as rasterized endless encoders, have a LED-ring around them which also works with GP’s MIDI-sync option for widgets.
Maybe that’d be an alternative?

Behringer X-Touch would be an alternative to replace the Mixface – but the main driver is to get 2nd controller with 49 or 61 key. The additional controls would be a bonus.

I know that only the pads need a bidirectional midi. I use the pads on the Mixface to switch / mute part of a set-up. When switching to another rackspace the pads will not show the new setup and that’s always confusing.

A led-ring with the controllers would be nice, but the endless encoders are already a huge step forward related to the Mixface.

As i had sofar not the option to test an iRig: how is the quality / usability of the keybed?