iPad to MacBook Pro Bluetooth

I am have issues connecting my iPad Pro 2nd Gen, 12.9” to a MacBook Pro M2 16”, so I can send program changes from OnSong song charts to select a Song Part inside Gig Performer Setlist.

Initially my iPad connected fine, and if I run Audio/midi utility on my Mac, I see my iPad as an external device, but shows as “unconnected”, even though my iPad has Bluetooth enabled, but does not “discover “ my MacBook as a Bluetooth device. I have rebooted both my iPad and MacBook and still not connecting.

I have now connected my iPad to MacBook with a USB cable, but now how to I adjust settings in GP so my iPad can transmit midi program Change messages (from OnSong), so I can select GP Song Parts, while in setlist mode? I want to use OnSong as my Master song list, since all my charts already live there, but want to link to a Song in GP, so I can create rackspaces per song part

Any suggestions?

If I cannot get my iPad to send midi messages to GP on my MacBook, I will have to select my song on my iPad in OnSong, then pick the matching song in GP setlist on my MacBook. Given I need to change songs fast, I don’t want to deal with two places to pick songs.

Other option is to run everything on my MacBook including pdf charts, but don’t think that’s possible today unless I convert to ChordPro

This should be working on Mac → LINK