IPAD MIDI to PC and Gigperformer


I have a problem with my stage setup that I can’t solve yet.

I have iPad with ForScore as the list with the song and notes.

As keyboard I have a Nord Stage 2EX HP76 and a notebook with Gig Performer and various VST instruments. There is a USB MIDI connection between the notebook and the Nord.

The notebook is connected via USB to a Soundcraft UI 24, here the VST signals are output via ASIO.

Where is the problem?

I want to control the setlist on the IPAD and set Gigperformer to the respective song via MIDI.

In Gigperformer it is theoretically clear to me what I have to do.

But with the IPAD I am at a loss.

When I connect the IPAD direct into the NORD, the IPAD sends MIDI directly to the NORD. So MIDI works. But to the PC this does not work.

I assume that the IPAD is acting as host to the PC, which also wants to be host. The NORD probably reports as CLASS COMPLIANT and establishes the connection.

How to get the PC to recognize the IPAD as MIDI system and the USB port as MIDI interface?

Thanks for your help and ideas

Unfortunately you can’t connect your iPad via USB direct to your PC and expect it to communicate via MIDI just like that. You usually need a 3rd party app to get it to communicate. Or a specialized midi cable such as the ones from iConnectivity. A third option is just to use RTP MIDI which is basically wireless MIDI via a network. That’s what I do with a small wireless router.

Yes a special cable or wireless will work.

But some questions…you say you have the iPad connected to your Nord and the Nord is connected to your laptop.

Does the Nord support MIDI Thru? If so, can it pass MIDI coming in from your iPad back to your laptop? If it can, then you could just arrange for your iPad to send on a channel that you’re not using and then have Gig Performer respond to program changes on that channel only

The cabling to the Nord was just for testing. The Nord is connected via USB to the notebook, in the case to reduce the number of technical devices on stage……

I am afraid they are coming back.

You could also test Studiomux (iPad App+MAC/Win server). I had no chance with it when it was in the beta phase, but it has perhaps improved.

Do you have an external midi audio interface? If so you get a midi merge 4 into 2 (suggestion) — and then with an irig midi — you can hook your iPad to one of the “IN”s on the midi merge along with your keyboard midi sends —- then when you click on a program in your ipad - it sends midi to gig performer… then have the song or rackspace send the appropriate patch to your keyboard via midi out. That’s what I do. So my source of truth for all patches and midi program changes to my keyboard is done through GP.

Thanks for your support.

I will test Mike‘s setup

I do! My iPad runs OnSong as a master midi controller and calls up programs on GP running on my Surface Pro 8. It also calls up the correct program on my harmoniser and switches harmonies on and off according to widgets mapped appropriately in GP. I recently switched from wireless to Ethernet from the iPad and into into a powered hub, and this is now running faultlessly. I do use Bome Box as part of the routing, with Bome Network running on both the iPad and SP Pro 8. OnSong on the iPad is a true master midi controller.

You are using a Bome Box to make it happen so you still had to use a midi interface of some kind. You still cannot connect directly using only a USB cable which is what muddyhopkins was trying to do. I probably should have been more clear about that initially.

Agreed. And I should also have mentioned my Focusrite Clarett as part of the chain. Cheers!