iPad Air 3rd gen support usb audio out via camera adapter

I want to play my backing tracks from my iPad via Bandhelper or OnSong and I cannot get audio out of the iPad using the camera adapter and a powered USB Hub.

The camera adapter is hooked up via the lightning connector to a powered USB 3.0 hub. I have my Pre-Sonus studio 24C hooked up to the same powered hub and I cannot get audio out of the iPad to the interface. This should be a simple connection and solution. It works perfectly from my MacBook Air hooked up to the same hub. So I’m thinking this third generation iPad does not support it.

Have you had a look in the Mac’s Audio MIDI setup? From memory there is a specific enabling of the iPad you need to do.

Checking is the computer you’re connecting to a Mac or PC?

Core USB Audio makes it possible to use a compatible audio interface with an iPad, but I never heard you can output audio to the Mac this way without a third party software (Studiomux or MusicIO: while none of these app work reliably for me). I also would like to send audio from my iPad to my Win PC via USB as I run short in inputs/outputs.

I’m trying to connect to my audio interface. There are several videos on this, very simple straight forward. I have it hooked up correctly. That’s why I think the 3rd gen does not support it. I can hook up to the Mac.

OK, then I misunderstood, if your powered USB hub is connected to the iPad camera adapter and your Audio Interface is connected to the hub, it should work. I am pretty sur the 3rd generation is compatible. I did this once for a show with my RME UCX, and I don’t remember how I configured the iPad, but it should work.

But what is the relation with GP?