IP address keeps changing, making OSC difficult

I am running two instances of Gig Performer on Windows 11. I use one instance for all my VSTs and plugins and a second instance that routes audio inputs among various outs for separate mixes.

In the first instance, I have a number of widgets that are linked to widgets in 2nd instance through OSC. Normally this works great, however, it seems that every couple of days my IP address changes. This is despite the fact that the majority of the time I’m not connected to the internet at all. Generally I’ll see one normal looking IP address in my OSC settings. Then all of the sudden I notice that the 2nd instance is no longer linked to the widgets in my first instance. I go to look at the IP address and there will be several IP addresses listed, all of which do not look like your typical IPs. Is there a way to set a single IP address that never changes on Windows so I don’t have to worry about this happening in the middle of a gig?


Why do you not use the local IP address

I was, but then all of the sudden that IP address won’t show up, there will be several others in its place, and all of my OSC connections are broken.

The important IP address is the
So in my use case the 2nd instance on the same machine listens to port 8000
In the main instance the listening port is 8001

All the other IP-Addresses do not matter.

I’ll try this out, but from what I recall from a few days ago, when doesn’t show up in the Gig Performer IP Address field, even that local host IP address doesn’t work. I was previously using until it stopped working and I had to switch to a different IP, which also subsequently changed.

Then you have something interfering with your network (maybe some anti-virus tool?) ---- by definition always represents the local machine.

You can check whether you have a listener or not

Enter, in a command box (to check for listeners on port 8000):

netstat -ano | find ":8000"

(Change 8000 to the port GP should be listening on). This also returns the process-id of the process that listens on that port.

(As far as I remember GP binds to, which means it listens on all local ip addresses.)

That’s what I thought. I’ll do more research.

Thank you this helps a lot. I’ll report back in a few hours when I get a chance to try it out.

Worst case, just define a static IP address for your machine.

Just stopping back in to update. does indeed work despite not being listed in the Gig Performer IP Address field. I’m not sure why I remember this not working before, could have been my own error not setting up the OSC connection properly.

In reference to @Frank1119’s comment, I also tried port out of curiousity but this didn’t work. Not sure if that’s what you were implying to try or or if you were simply saying that GP is designed to automatically listen on every local address, but I tried it out either way.

I appreciate everyone’s help. This community is my favorite forum on the internet. Extremely responsive and helpful. I try to return the favor by telling every musician I know about Gig Performer. Hopefully it gets the recognition it deserves one day.

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That is not a port — nor is it an ip address that you can use — it’s just a special “code” used programmatically to indicate to the networking subsystem what ip addresses on the computer can be used.

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That makes sense, thanks.