IOS app - Discourse

Thru out last hours I tried to add this to the IOS app with no success?
@dhj, @pianopaul have any of you tried?

I didn’t even know there was an iOS app for discourse — I’ve been using my browser.

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upsss, sorry; but yes there is :wink: and its handy… on iPad its very nice!

I just installed discourse, addded the URL and am replying to your message. Unclear to me what the app actually does as it looks like it just opened the site in a private web browser page.

I cannot, weird.

From app store description:

The application provides:
Real time push notifications * ’
At a glance tell how many unread-new topics your forums have by looking at the app ’
A central spot to view all notifications, unread counts and new counts ’
Uses Safari as the website browser, no need to log in again

  • For officially hosted Discourse forums

Hmmm, I wonder what “officially hosted” means?

I installed Discourse both on my iPad Air and Android phone. I am running it in mobile mode on both devices, and I find it easier to read on the Android phone. Pretty handy.

Confirm Its working on IOS!!; seems it has “settle down” …