Instant volume change using MIDI commands how?

It is required to program the sending of a signal with a certain level to an external chain of effects . the message is sent through the usual gain control. we need 2 states -40 and +3 Db. Switching on and off, when using the expression pedal, everything is clear, but how to program it on the midi controller button without the expression pedal. Thank you in advance.

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Can you upload a small gig file showing what you want?
Or a screenshot showing details?

It sounds like you want to switch between these two values when you are using a button on your controller?

In that case, add a button widget and map it to the Gain plugin/parameter.

Then use the Scaling curve in the widget properties and set the appropriate Min and Max values.

To figure out what the Min and Max should be, manually change the Gain slider in the plugin and then see what the widget value is (as the widget value is between 0 and 100).


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Warr Guitar 15-03-2023.gig (824.8 KB)
The Feedback Volume pedal sends a signal to the external pedal chain . I need to set it to work from the button in 2 positions: minimum volume - the signal does not go and maximum volume - the signal goes to the external chain.

Here you go