Installer shows up on the second monitor

I’m having trouble getting the installer to run on an M1 Mac. I have downloaded the OSX Universal version and it will mount the installer, but nothing ever loads. It shows the installer is running if I right click on the Finder, but nothing ever loads. I have confirmed that I can get installers for other applications to install.

I just tested, after download I double-click on the file
GigPerformer4-Universal-4.8.2.dmg in the download folder and the installer is launched.

I got it to work on my machine and it was user error… I have two monitors and I don’t usually turn the second one on. Once I saw your photo, I thought to check and see if it was popping up on that monitor for some reason. It was… :rofl: I’m up and running with no issues on the Mac Universal version.



Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile: