Initial wiring and setup of SKX pro with controller, MacBook, interface and Gig Performer

I’m new to this system of equipment. Previously a B3 and electric piano keyboardist. Have a new Hammond SKX Pro along with a controller keyboard, interface, MacBook Pro and a bunch of cables LOL! Looking for guidance on proper setup so I can start working with this software. Thx in advance

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Check out our special getting started blog article: Gig Performer | Getting started with Gig Performer

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I have an XK-5 which I use as a sound source and as a midi controller. In fact I use it live with a 145 directly and in rehearsal at home with the IK Leslie VST.

The XK-5 is a powerful midi controller. I put it in local-off mode meaning it’s sound engine will only recieve midi from the midi-in port but it will still send midi out of the XK-5. This allows me to use Gig Performer to control if the notes I play on the XK-5 are triggering it’s own sounds or other VSTs.

There are a few functions on the XK-5 that are non-standard MIDI, called NRPN that I use some gig performer scripting to translate so they function as switches for software features.

Some of what I am mentioning is advanced stuff… but you might run into the same capablities with the SK-Pro since I imagine it’s programming is very similar.

@npudar’s advice is the best, take a look at the getting started guide. I recommend you get fammilar with the rig manager and utilize that before you make many rackspaces. I think GP is an excellent extention of my XK-5… I’m sure you’ll love how it can expand the SKPro too.

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Hi @papakeys, welcome to the GP community forum, you knocked at the right door to enter the GP world :wink:
As you are starting with a software rig, start with basic things and keep complicated rigs for later on. Once you are familiar with the basic concepts, it will probably be quite natural for you to imagine more complicated setups.
Read the GP manual, follow the above advices and come back here with your questions as often as needed.


Thx all for the input. Much appreciated