Increasing/decreasing the value of a CC with foot switches

Hello all,

I’m just diving into this wonderful platform, it’s great so far! I do have a question, though, here it comes:

I want to assign two foot switches for either increasing or decreasing the value (between 0 and 7) of a CC69 in order to switch between so called snapshots in Helix Native. It’s a kind of variation but then within the plugin. The reason I want to go this route is that I can use my presets in other hosts as well, like in a DAW. Any clues on how to set this up?

Thanks in advance!


Another option: Helix Native exposes a ‘Snapshot Index’ parameter. So if you add a widget to this, you can use Variations set to different snapshots. Then you can map your foot switches to the global up/down in GP to move between them.

The nice thing with this approach is if you use other plugins pre/post Native, then you can change their parameters using the Variations as well.

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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Thanks, rank13! Your response pointed me to read some parts of the manual again and I found a clue over there: CC69-value 8 is the command for ‘plus snapshot’ and CC69-value 9 for ‘minus snapshot’. I fiddled around with the value properties of a widget until I found the right numbers and now it works!

Time will tell if I will end up navigating the native variations from GP or selecting the snapshots from HN directly.

Thanks again!