Incorporation of Midiquest

Hi there, I found just one single post with a Midiquest topic (to transfer Sysex-messages). My question may touch this topic. I own some older machines (SQ Sixtrak, Korg 01W/Pro) and would like to get them controlled by GP4. So I bought Software for the communication between PC/MAc and the machines (Midiquest). This software emulates these machines in a VST-like manner and it works sufficiently well in a standalone mode. But it seems that it´s not the same as a real VST because I can´t find Midiquest in the GP-plugin-listing! I also own Novation Ultranova - it can be controlled by a “sound free” VST. This is, what I expected with the Midiquest software. Is there any idea or experience about incorporating Midiquest into GP?
Thanks for your help!

As far as I know there is a midiquest VST plugin but I have never tried to use it. You would have to reach out to MidiQuest