Inconsistent Sound Output GP4/Mac Mini

Which MOTU did you get?

I went with the M4. Thanks again for all the time and help today.


Cool, I’m glad that you went this route.

You should simply plug your Nord into that and route the Nord audio through Gig Performer, thereby getting rid of that Radial Key Largo (which seems to have tons of problems).

Please report here how it works! :beers:

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Sorry you went through that. Hopefully that will fix everything.


The Motu M4 arrived today and I integrated it into my rack.

This has fixed the low audio level problems I was experiencing. I also picked up a some Hosa 1/4 " to XLR cables and a patchbay module which I’ve wired the Motu outputs 1/2 from - which will allow me to send a stereo signal to FOH, that and running my Nord outputs into the front inputs means I can retire the key largo.

I’ve managed to figure out most of the other issues I’ve had, mainly due to minor GP configuration differences. i.e. the laptop allowed a midi input that the live rig computer didn’t, which caused the controller to seem to behave differently, a setting that’s independent of the gig file, for example.

The only other thing that will come up is sometimes I need to send out a mono signal for gigs where one of my bands brings our own PA. (with 6 members and 5 singers, there aren’t enough inputs for keyboard stereo until we upgrade the mixer). I’ve got a 3rd port on the HOSA that I’m not using. I’m wondering if I should try to mix a mono signal within gig performer. For example combine the L/R outputs into a mono gain and route that signal to output 3 on the motu as shown here:

Is this a good way to convert a stereo audio into a mono output within GP?

I’m still coming up to speed on the Motu and don’t know if it could do something like that through it’s own drivers/configuration.

I’ve also seen some external devices that claim to be able to do this (like a radial J48 which can merge a signal into a single XLR output). Just not sure what the best approach would be.


That’s great news! You should report that back to the Keyboards group where everyone was telling you it was a GP problem :slight_smile:

Please review the Rig Manager in the documentation - it’s purpose is to handle changes in MIDI ports.

Nah, there were nothing against GP, but a dozen of people that are just lurking around to see that someone has a problem and say “that’s why I use hardware period”! Lol
Like “hardware” (also computers) cannot glitch or fail on stage.

Thanks for your feedback, well done.