Import Pictures

Hi!,is it possible to import images in Rackspace? Thx

No, it isn’t.

Maybe this plugin helps?

That might put an image in the wiring view but not on a panel

Agree, maybe open the plugin (via a widget). Afaik there is a system action to open a plugin.

And then the plugin gets the focus ?

I was wrong, it shouldn’t be done with a SystemAction, but with a GP Script function, e.g.

  ImagePlugin : PluginBlock
  ImageButton : Widget
  imageShown : boolean
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from ImageButton
  if newValue > 0.5 then
    imageShown = not imageShown
    if imageShown then

Create a button with OSC/GPScript Name ImageButton, and use the (free) Insert Piz Here’s Image plugin, put some text/image in it, and set the OSC/GPScript Handle to ImagePlugin.

Create the Insert Piz Here’s Image plugin:

Set the OSC/GPScript Handle name:


and compile the script (if not already done).

And then the image is shown?
How big?

On the last position and with the size as you opened (or closed) it.
I don’t want to hijack this post, so I’m going to create a feature request, as it is something I probably want to use as well (but for other plugins).

Use the search function first… it has been asked before (i’m pretty sure of that).

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I can’t find a feature request to set the plugin (window) bounds within SDK.

I see this is related:

Plugin GUI in Panels view - General discussion about Gig Performer - Gig Performer Community

Meaning there would not be a solution within GP (not GP’s fault of course).

I thought it was about using images on the panel… sorry. :innocent:

No problem :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just map the button to the “-1 Open/Close Plugin Editor” parameter of Piz Here’s Image plugin? This would even have the additional advantage that the button knows when you close the plugin via the plugin window.