Image Viewer Extension

I’ve developed a very simple image viewer extension. It provides a dedicated window in which you can load different images from your local drive. It has no on-screen controls; instead, it works with GP Script, which provides a lot of flexibility with how you incorporate it into your gig file e.g. you can change images using radio buttons, or change images via the Timeline Actions in the Streaming Audio File Player.

The downloads for Windows and MacOS are in the Releases section on GitHub. I’ve added some example scripts for the radio buttons and timeline action examples on the Readme.

Radio Button Example


Timeline Actions Example



So cool!


Brilliant! :beers:

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Love this. I’ve been writing cues into text label widgets and having to futz around with spaces in between words to have the lines make sense - this will make it much easier!


Genuinely useful! Thank you for sharing.

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Really cool ! Good job :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thats strange… I’m on macosx all seems good.
Meanwhile here is a link from my dropbox

I’ve updated the extension to work with Gig Performer 5. Downloads for MacOS and Windows are on the GitHub Releases page: