I'm looking for whatever file that keeps the list of plugins/VSTs that GP has found before

Long story short, My Win10 install is borked on my laptop and I need to reinstall. I can’t even get GP to load because audio drivers no longer exist on the system itself and they won’t reinstall (hence why I can’t just export everything).

I think I have everything already backed up, but I want to be sure so I can redownload whatever I may have missed.

Any other GP information recovery advice is welcome.

If you are reinstalling, then you probably do NOT want to reuse the old plugin list — as you’re going to want to properly rescan everything anyway, otherwise the plugin list will be out of sync with what’s actually on your system - and all bets are off what happens in that case.

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@dhj I think @BurnDivision is just in need of some kind of checklist, to complete reinstall and not to forget anything?

Also an interesting topic for me, when I will install my next MBP…

Currently I’m considering screenshots of the GP Plugin manager :face_with_monocle:

The underlying settings files are currently located at

Mac: /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/GigPerformer/Gig Performer.settings

Win: c:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Gig Performer\Gig Performer.settings

However please note that
a) The name and locations can change without notice - they are officially undocumented
b) Tampering with this file can totally blow up GP so all bets are off if one plays/modifies/replaces it.

Generally, one should use the Export/Import options in Gig Performer to export settings and import them again later.

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@dhj I think @BurnDivision is just in need of some kind of checklist, to complete reinstall and not to forget anything?

Yes, essentially this. I am not carrying anything over other than, project files, the plugins themselves and (hopefully) any files associated with said plugins. GP will otherwise be a fresh install.

As I said, unfortunately I can not run GP as Windows does not recognize having any audio devices/drivers installed right now.

OK, I saved my .settings file and opened it up with Notepad++. I see it’s just a simple XML file but this helps me make sure I have all my previous plugins now.


If your wife would know you need a LIST for this… :grimacing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maybe a little bit late for the TO:

I’m currently waiting for my new MacBook - so I used the time to prepare a little Python script to extract the Plugin list of Gig Performer to a CSV and a XLS sheet :slight_smile:

I’m no Python/XML professional, so forgive me for my coding :innocent:

GP2csv.txt (1.6 KB)

Just put the attachment to a folder, rename GP2csv.tyt to GP2csv.py, copy your Gig Performer.settings mentioned above to this folder and follow the comments within the script…

Have fun!



I just uploaded a new version here: PlugInfo for macOS - #2 by tripleB as these two together are very useful :wink:

You can also copy plugin information from Gig Performer.

See here for more info: Plugin Manager

Yes, that’s right, and I learned this some time ago. However this is ‘only’ for the Plugin Manager, and has been some python training for me some time ago.

With my updated script I am able to create a list out of a gig file to figure out, what plugins are used in every single Rackspace (and in which version they have been introduced…). :wink:

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