IK Multimedia's Syntronik on sale (77% off)

Until 06/30 the Syntronik collection is on sale for 79€ (instead of 357€).
Looks like a bargain, but i know there have been some serious host automation issues with the IK-Multimedia plugins… i don’t know if the’d “behave well” within the Gig Performer environment.?!

I am using it with Gig Performer and until now faced no issue.
But a huge handicap is the missing HOST Automation.
I contacted them but they just said “Works as designed…”

So one can play the plugins without problems but realtime changes to parameters via host automation won’t work? I read in another thread that it’s possible to send CC’s to the plugins directly (?) but that seems to be not very flexible nor convenient from a Gig Performer’s point of view.

Yes you can send CC’s to the plugin via Widgets and the connected Midi In block and in the plugin you map that CC’s
That is possible.
But when you change such a mapped parameter in Syntronik the assigned widgets is not changed.
So it is a “One way ticket” (Boney M.)

How does this compare to the Arturia V collection in terms of sound quality and presets (as I am lazy, I like famous sound presets😉)

The sounds are really good.
To be honest, I did not really compare.

Just had a look and it was not really clear how versatile those synths are, as they are partially based on samples. Is it possible to program them like synths or do they more behaves like romplers?

Most Presets are sampled and you can influence filters, lfo env etc.
Then for each synth the basic waveforms are available and samples for 1 osc or 2 osc or 3.
It is not that versatile as Arturia but some of them (because of the good effects) are amazing.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Hummm… so a kind of very nice rompler with effects…

Yes, very very nice

Finally I bought it, to do this as soon as I have time :stuck_out_tongue: