IK multimedia´s MODO VSTs: on how many PCs per purchase?

hey, since i stumbled here over the fantastic sounding MODO plugins from IK multimedia:
on how many computers can you install the MODO plugins ?

( since they are not exactly cheap with 299€.
i really want to have the Modo Bass )

You need to ask IK that one.

Found this:

Applications Software. The “IK Multimedia Product” may be used only by you. You may install and use the “IK Multimedia Product”, or any prior version thereof for the same operating system, on up to three (3) computers, provided that (a) each computer is owned by (or leased to) and under the exclusive control of the licensee; (b) the program(s) shall NOT be used simultaneously on more than one machine, and © any computer(s) with IK Multimedia software installed shall not be sold, rented, leased, loaned or otherwise be removed from the licenseeʼs possession without first removing (uninstalling) the licensed software, except as provided in Paragraph 4 (below) pertaining to “Software Transfer”.

They have sales if you can wait.

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I have this (99 on sale) and enjoy playing it with my guitar and midiguitar2. However really curious about Toontrack EZBass.

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Thanks @pianopaul
i surched the FAQ, but was not lucky as you :wink:

ohh, 99 ?..i might have to wait then.
( hope i can, …my doctor told me a need again a Bass, hehe)
Much Thanks for the Tip ( @ both)

i have to check the Toontrack EZBass then. Never heard of it.

i was a Bassist btw. , i was quite some into slapping with the Bass, ( but had to quite due to an accident 17 years ago).

So far, the Modo Bass loooks very very promising to me.
at least on one specific demo at YT.
I´m totally into using Pianoteq for piano, so i know the power of modelling allready :wink:

ok, i checked the EZBass. Its sample based.
sounds nice. Personally i would claim, that one can hear in several of the demos its limitation vs. a modelling.
“my guess” would be that both can be pleasing and beeing preferable over the other in a specific situation.
The “real” sound seems to have its own “charme”.
Another guess is that you get much further with the modo Bass based on the possibilities how you can porgramm single notes

with Piano its so, Pianoteq just sounds extremly organic. You play it.
But i would not “play” a Bass VST, i would programm it…so, there´s that difference.
(My main interest is anyway to create slap/percussive Bass lines)

btw. i mailed IK multimedia thru their Form, ( after i surched the FAQ)
never got an answer !

Ok, problem solved !
Thanks everybody !

I am also waiting for MODO Bass. I used the free demo period and was so happy with it. It was too expensive so I ended up getting the Scarbee Pre-Bass with Native Instruments which I find very underwhelming. With the NI basses you can’t play too fast because it doesn’t have a full sample library or something. Not many settings you can tweak. I am hoping it goes on sale in July so I can buy it.

AmpleBass has a free bass plug in which is pretty good. Shreddage3 Bass also has a free version to check out in the mean time!

ok, so whoever is stumbling over a sale on the MODO Bass,
please post here !!! :wink:

i have subscribed to the newsletter for security, though :wink:

Hey Funky40, I just got a copy of MODO BASS for $60USD on a forum where poeple sell old licenses! There are a few other copies posted for a higher price but still a great deal.

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Thats a great Tip. Thank You !

ok, i bought now the modo Bass for 80£, which was a bit too high.
but was fluffy deal, saving me the wait or more hassle.

while i posted into a 4sale thread was i hit up by another guy. by PM…which was not so much to my liking and i went with the original deal.
i got jjust right now answer how much he wants.
That other guy sells his modo Bass for 60$ ( so i could have saved me 40.-…now one of you could :wink: )
hit me up to get his nick name by PM
( i can´t tell you if this guy is serious, i´m fresh there, but his scores looks ok )

Is there any security buying things here ? Any way to get your money back if things goes in the wrong direction ?

By looking at VI-CONTROL, I have been pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of this forum.
For the curious, this post and answers say a lot.

Forum posting guidelines

About the transactions security, I believe it is just like anywhere: if no purchase protection coverage, it is important to get to know people and to establish trusting contact with them. And if they are familiar with this forum, this might be yet another reason to have confidence.

But that is just my personal perspective :slightly_smiling_face:

Which forum? VI-CONTROL or Gig Performer?

Both, mainly GP :wink:

i guess you mean with “here”, “there” at VI control ?

its in my view plain risk.
its allways plain risk.
and its to me even worser: buy a new electronic music tool from the idustrie,
how much likely are you the fucked one these days if you jump on it early ?
( i´m in switzerland, we have here no “right of return” per law, for example )

and look all the newer online sales platforms.
when i deal there is it allways plain risk, and so is it if people buy something from me.
( but some folks had good deals buying from me,…i less so, but i had 1-2 good ones too )

the deals i had in my live that failed the most,
were, when i bought from people i knew for many years, beeing in the same forum.
the fail was allways the same: bad packaging !
the good thing with software is: there is no packaging at all involved. :wink:

You provide payment via PayPal. If they don’t give you the code to transfer the license you put a dispute and get you money back. Pretty straightforward in most cases.


not cool!