[IK Multimedia Product Manager 1.0.4] Missing option "install" and "more options" in the sounds tab

I am on WIndows 11 and I have IK sounds archives I would like to install with IK Product Manager following their method explained in the manual. For this I need to access the “…more options” and “install” functions as seen in the IK Product Manager manual.

Here is a picture from the IK Product Manager manual:

But, here is what I get in IK Product Manager:

Do somebody have an idea of where I could find these “install” and "…more options’ function?

It says “expired download”. It means you are trying to download sounds more than three months later than your purchase. This is why you cannot do it.
They give you a limited time to save disk access I think.
You can order for 5 bucks a new period for downloading. Click on "more info’…

That is so unfair — it’s not like they have to keep multiple copies of the files around

My sentiments exactly. I use several IK plugins. Their methods of sales, downloads, updates, etc., etc., are the most confusing in the industry. I’m constantly unsure on which versions of this and that plugin I actually own…or if I already own it through the former purchase of another plugin package. I always feel I’ve paid for a particular plugin more than once.

Yet I continue to use IK for the enticing sounds…

That was not exactly my question. As you can see in the first screenshot above (from the manual), even if your download period expired, there are “install” and “…”more options” functions available. According to the manual, these functions are necessary to install sounds archives stored in your drive. They are not display in my IK Product Manager and I therefore cannot install the sounds archives I own using Product Manager.

I recently discovered that Spectrasonics do the same. One of my Spectrasonic USB drive failed and I had to download their content from their server. I had a very professional mail contact with them and at the very end of the contact, when the product was installed again, they explained that download is limited and that I should store the archives. :confused:

I would think if you have the content files “stored on your drive”, you just may need to unpacked. make sure they are properly located, and it should scan the folder. But, I don’t “think” you need anything else (assuming Syntronik CS and the related folders are installed). But, I could be missing something.

They are stored as small sub-archives and you have to individually unzip tens of archives, store the content into the proper directory, wait for the copy to finish, not forget one in the list and so on. With the Product Manager it is all done automatically…

From the manual:

I use IK things. If you had downloaded everything you don’t see what you are seeing on your product manager. This is why I suspect you didn’t download in time. Of course I am not sure. I am here for support if needed.

I downloaded in time in my other PC, that’s why I have all sounds archives available and copied to my new PC. And my question is still: why don’t I have the “install” and “…more option” function available even, if the downloading period expired, as from the manual screenshot above (the first one), it is possible to have these functions displayed even after downloading time expired. That’s the manual screenshot!