Ik multimedia interfaces, are they asio multi client?

Dear colleagues

Wondering if you have tried to use any ik multimedia interface in windows in multi client mode.

I am interested to buy a portable one, and there are 2 new models, IK Multimedia iRig HD X and irig usb

I kindly sent an email to costumer support but they did not really give me a proper answer, because probably they dont know.

If some one has tried, please let me know your results

Thank you

Do they have a community forum or a Facebook group?
Maybe you can ask somebody to test there.

Found this

Thanks. I would not like to use the ASIO4ALL drivers. I will try to find in community forums but i don’t how popular is the multi client usage in a real world scenario for those users

Besides, the link looks to be out of date. Or maybe not.

The mentioned interfaces are new and supporting asio drivers bu the manufacturer

You can ask someone just to run two apps as a test, it won’t take long.
If you want to be sure 100%, pick an RME device.

There are also solution for single-client drivers → [blog] How to use a single-client ASIO driver with multiple applications on Windows


This is a late reply but I’ve used an IK AXE I/O One in GP with my guitar rig and it worked fine while REAPER was also playing tracks.

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OK, but with Mac or Win?

Windows, which I assume Josehdx is also using since he mentioned ASIO4ALL.

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But you use the proprietary driver not ASIO4ALL, right?

Yes, I use IK’s ASIO driver for the AXE

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