"Ignore variations", but for song parts

I have a rackspace that gives me hammond organ on the upper keyboard and “piano” on the lower keyboard. The organ, of course, has many of the usual clonewheel parameters exposed as widgets, and the “piano” is actually a song-specific mix of six different instruments (grand piano, upright piano, rhodes e.p., wurlitzer e.p., clavinet, and DX7 e.p.), where the selection and mix is defined in widgets, along with a few other options such as tremolo, phaser, drive, and chorus. I figure this one rackspace will suffice for at least fifty of the songs in my band’s setlist. I’ve decided not to create rackspace variations for each song; instead, I’ll use song-part snapshots to store the widget settings needed for each song.

My question is this: let’s say I have a song that uses organ and upright piano and has multiple song parts. For this song, the piano should sound the same across all the song parts, but the organ drawbars are variable from one song part to the next. Now, let’s say I’ve spent a lot of time getting the organ sounds right in each song part, and then I realise that I want to modify the piano sound. I want the piano to be identical in all song parts, so do I have to go to each one separately and make the same changes to the piano widgets? Or is there a way to specify that some of the widgets should “ignore song parts”, just as in the panel view one can specify that some widgets “ignore variations”?

I am not aware of such an option.
But what does that mean?
When in the widget is not set to “Ignore variations” then the widget used in a song part will get the va.ue which is defined in the variation.

What should such an option do?

I think I found a use now that the Streaming Audio File Player is an option.

I’ve put the SAFP in the Global Rackspace and for each song I have mapped it to the song number in the SAFP.

I hit play to play along with the song and when I change the song part, it stops playing.

EDIT - SOLUTION is to not have the Play widget in the Rackspaces. Leave in Global Rackspace only.

However you do need to create a snapshot of all song parts with the track number reference


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I would want a widget that “ignores song part variations” to have the same value in all song-part snapshots within a particular song. In other words, whenever I save a snapshot, I want all widgets that “ignore song parts” to get updated in every song part snapshot on that song (but not in any song parts from other songs).

Why not set the widget value in the rackspace variation?
You can push back a widget value from setlist view to rackspace variations.
Details in the user manual :wink:

But then this value is used for other song parts which use the same rackspace variation

You answered your own question.

So there is no standard solution
Workaround you set the value in all song parts