IAC Issue with QLC+

I did a search on this subject and although there is lots of posts on the basic subject, nothing seems to address the specific issue I am having. I made a quick video to show exactly where I’m having trouble (link below) but in essence:

Brand new M2 Pro Mac Mini running Venture 13.2.1. 32G Ram, 1TB SSD, Gig Performer 4.5.

I’m trying to use IAC driver to have midi go from a MIDI out in GP to send scene changes to QLC+ Light Controller App. I can get my Kronos to send data to QLC but cannot get IAC to do it. Can you take a look at link below and see if you can identify where I am going wrong? I’m sure it’s something simple…

In GP, MIDI Note 0 is C-2, whereas in QLC+ it is C-1. Change your midi out block in GP to send Note 0 (C-2) and see if that works.

Ahh will do. I was matching up the note values (C-1) instead of note numbers.

note names

Unfortunately manufacturers use different conventions — some have note name C3 associated with note number 60 - others have note name C4 associated with note number 60

Bingo! That was the issue. I was using C-1 as my source for linking them up. The second I switched to note number (0) it worked as intended. Thanks so much.

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