Hypersonic 2

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are there any experiences with Steinberg Hypersonic 2, jBridged to 64bit, for use in GP3 or GP4?

I’m still in transit from my old Win7 Laptop with Brainspawn Forte to my new system, Win10 with GP4. Although I own Omnisphere 2, NI Kontakt 6 and HalionSonic 3 I find it difficult to replace some iconic Hypersonic 2 sounds. It was my plan to get rid of software from the archaic abyss of 2005, but using HS2 in GP4 again would just save so much time now …


You could resample the sounds using Sample Robot or BLISS.
I do that resample with Sounds using BLISS, export it to Soudnfont and load that as an instrument in Kontakt.
Works perfect.

Yes, I have done this with a few simple sounds. Lot of work, still.
I have so many complex combinations in Hypersonic, with layers and splits, which would be time-consuming to sample part by part. And some sounds can’t be sampled easily, with portamento/glide in mono mode, release trigger samples, round-robin articulations and so on.
I have ported a bunch of sounds from Hypersonic to Omnisphere and HalionSonic already, but I’m running out of time.
After a first test, Hypersonic 2 seems to run fine with jBridge in GP4.

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jBridge seems to be abandonware :thinking:
The last version is 1.75, which is around for years.

Some alternatives:

Disclaimer, use at your own risk: Gig Performer | How to load 32-bit plugins with Gig Performer on Mac and Windows

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I’ve always run Hypersonic 2 jBridged ever since GP1. I haven’t done any extensive work with it, but it seems to run just fine in GP. Hyper Canvas by Roland is a different story. It caused crashes more than a few times. So it just sits in my “test” machine.