"Humble-Bundle" special offer (get a ton of stuff for very little money)

Every now and then, you can grab a huge bunch of software from the “Humle Bundle” page…
A Humble-Bundle sale always aims to help a charity project, so you can make a bargain and at the same time give other folks a helping hand.
BTW: They don’t “bundle” only plugins and samples but also games or books of all kind - so the page might be worth a second or third look.

This time they offer a bundle which might be of interest for all the musicians and sound creators:

The sale of this special bundle supports “Music Will”:

The whole bundle has a price of at least $18.44 (but if you want to support the charity project even more, you can also pay a higher price!).
The following software and sample packs are included in that bundle:
Cherry Audio plugins…

  • Memorymode: A Memorymoog emulation
  • CA-2600: Emulation of the ARP 2600
  • PS-20: Emulation of the Korg MS-20
  • Voltage Modular 2 Ignite: A modular synthesizer in Eurorack-style
  • Galactic Reverb: Algorithmic reverb

Sample packs…

  • 50 Gallon Rock Drums
  • Big Downtempo Beats
  • Deep Frets Electric Guitar
  • Dramatic Drill and Trap
  • Drip Melodic House
  • Exoplanet Cyberforms
  • Jazzy Chillout 1 und Jazzy Chillout 2
  • Jazzy House
  • LoFi Drift 1 und LoFi Drift 2
  • Motors, Machines & Metal Noises
  • RnB Crush
  • Synthwave Arcade
  • Alien Worlds
  • Deep Space
  • Loop Theory Tokyo Downtempo
  • Ansonix Chiptune Drum n Bass
  • C64 8 Bit Jams
  • Essential Electric Pianos
  • Melodic Techno
  • Soul LoFi
    … and even more - check their page.

New Humble Bundle for October 2023!!!

Again four Synth plugins from Cherry Audio:

On top of that a ton of diffrent sample packs (see the HB-page for details)

  • Armored Bass House
  • Cyber Clash
  • Delicious LoFi Boom Bap
  • Desert Shanty
  • Dissected Forms
  • Chill Post Rock
  • Dj Puzzle DnB
  • Dream Bedroom Pop
  • Hard Trance
  • Hip Hop Guitars
  • Inspirational New Age
  • Light & Shadows
  • Lofi Jazz
  • Loop Theory Chillout 2
  • Meditative Chillout
  • Oxy Beats Groove Toolbox V2
  • Pop Soul Vocal Hooks
  • Rap Traxx
  • Shadow Impact
  • Soul & Chill Vaprowave
  • Trap Essentials
  • Arctic Breeze
  • Fear
  • Chill Hop Essentials
    …and others

Get the bundle for (at least) 19€