HUD extensions with multiple displays

Today I tried out the HUD extension using the example script to display a message when hitting a button.
Is there a possibility to change the used display number when using multiple displays?
I’m only able to see the HUD message on my main screen.

In my case there are 3 displays pointing to 3 musicians in different directions.

When the HUD is displayed, can you drag it to another screen, and then does it stay on that screen?

But do you want to display 3 different messages at the same time on different screens?

Didn’t know that it is dragable, as there are the position keywords in the script.

Dragging works and it actually stays on this screen, but unfortunately only as long as you have opened the session.
When you save and close gig and then reopen it the hud is stucked to screen 1 again.

Do you only want to show a single message on one of the screens, or something more complicated?

When I created the extension I didn’t consider multiple screens.

I’m running 3 instances on 2 of the 3 screens.
It would be nice if I can use one message per instance (i think this is possible as they are independent of each other?)
First I want to get a message on screen 3 to remind me not to forget to set back the “Tune to D” feature I setup with the corresponding button.

So one message on screen 3 would be nice.

The only thing you could try is to use the function GPHUD_SetPositionAndSize to set the exact coordinates, which might allow you to display it on the correct screen… But it could be a lot of trial and error.

For example, on my MacBook Pro, I can use my iPad as a second display. It is positioned to the left of my MacBookPro in my Display Arrangement prefs.

So in the GP Script, I have replaced this


An X coordinate of -500 moves it to the left of my main MacBook monitor and displays it on the iPad.

I might look into an improvement to the Extension to handle multiple displays better, but using the GPHUD_SetPositionAndSize will be the only thing you can try in the short term. Apart from manually positioning the HUD every time you open your Gig file.

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Didn’t noticed this alternative to position the message.

It’s only a little try+error as you can leave script editor open when message is active and recompile with different settings, unless you are satisfied.
And you have to do it only once, so everything ok for me.

Works perfect and remembers position after reopening.

Thanks for your help rank13!

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