Howard Benson Vocals Bundle

Is there any way to find out why does this plugin do not work?

I have another plugin that I am running without any problems from the same stable:

Really unexpected…

Any ideas? I have opened a ticket with GigPerformer to resolve the issue and I am in a middle of opening another ticket with Joey Sturgis Tones.

I have activated the trial/vst3 in iLock so this is not the reason + it would still load up the vst3 without any problem, I just would not be able to use it (I’ve done it with Distruptor plugin).

Can you please try removing the plugin from that failed list and then rescan?

Are you on Windows?
EDIT: you are.

Is the VST version available?
Does it have the standalone version? If so, is it properly licensed in the standalone version?

Thank you, you geniuses~!!

I have CLEARED THE LIST of plugins in the manager and re-SCANNED them. The activation popped up again and I activated it again.

I think it got stuck because I have not activated/done it in a wrong way or window and it got blocked somehow.

It loaded up without any problem after I have activated the TRIAL again when the window appeared again in GigPerformer. Thank you so much @ dhj for the idea and solution.

Typical user error on my end or I have done it in a wrong order :slight_smile: