How to use variations of the same plugins


I see from the manual that variations are useful when you use the same plugins but with different settings.
That’s what I need. I have a guitar rig with multiple plugins and I just want to switch from different variations of the same plugins without using multiple rackspaces.
If I make a change to a plugin (for example,from clean to crunch channell in the amp modeler), it changes this value also in the other variations.
How can I solve this issue? Thank you guys!


Did you check “Ignore Variations”?
You should not, so each variation has its on Widget Value.


Hmm, you left out a critical part of your question compared to what you sent us in a support ticket where you said (emphasis mine)

if “Variations contain the same plugins and interconnections but with different parameter settings” why I can’t make a change in one plugin in a specific variation, without making that change in the other variations too? I don’t want to use widgets, just the variations.

As I answered in your support ticket, it is because it is widgets that remember values for each variation

Please see the basic terminology section of the user guide where you will see the definition of a variation

Variation: These are essentially rackspace presets, all containing the same plugins and interconnections, but with different widget settings.


Thank you for answering and solving my issue. My English isn’t good that’s why it sounded like a critic but it isn’t. I just wanted to know if variations could work without widgets. Now I know!


Please – your English is absolutely fine.

I didn’t interpret your question as “critic” and I realize that you misunderstood my use of the word “critical”.

In this context, “critical” does not mean “criticism”, it actually means “very important” (and yeah, this is why people whose first language is not english have trouble with English sometimes :slight_smile:

in other words I was just saying that you left out a very important part of your question, i.e, you had said in your ticket that you didn’t want to use widgets.


Yeah I misunderstood because I thought that it would be possible to switch variations without making widgets :slight_smile:


That would require the entire state of the plugin to be sent to it every time you switch a variation. Depending on the plugin, that could be thousands of parameters. That’s a slow process and for most plugins it would prevent you from doing instant switching from one variation to another.

Variations are intended to allow minor changes to the state of a plugin, e.g., changing the filter cutoff and ADSR values, the delay of an echo, or bypassing certain plugins on the fly and so forth.

If your plugin settings need to be radically different, then using multiple rackspaces is the way to go.


I’d just want to add that it would be much better if you used a different rackspace for different sounds. Eg… “Clean” rackspace, “Crunch” rackspace etc…

Many amp simulation plugins do not handle switching of presets within them glitch-free.
Some will produce strange sounds, some will take a little while to switch etc…

If you use separate rackspaces - it will always be smooth and instant without glitching.