How to spend your 14-day trial by ChatGPT

This plan created the ChatGPT bot. Interesting :slight_smile:

Me: “OK, so you know that Gig Performer offers a free 14-day trial. Can you make a plan what to learn each day of my 14-day trial?”


Absolutely! Here’s a plan for what you could learn each day during your 14-day trial of Gig Performer:

Day 1: Introduction and Installation

  • Download and install Gig Performer.
  • Familiarize yourself with the user interface.
  • Explore the basic layout and navigation.

Day 2: Creating Your First Rackspace

  • Learn how to create a new rackspace.
  • Add virtual instruments and effects to your rackspace.
  • Understand how to connect plugins and route audio.

Day 3: MIDI Mapping and Control

  • Learn how to map MIDI controllers to parameters.
  • Experiment with assigning knobs, buttons, and sliders.
  • Understand how to create MIDI-based automation.

Day 4: Patches and Presets

  • Explore creating and saving patches (effect and plugin setups).
  • Learn how to recall different patches for different songs.
  • Experiment with creating your own custom presets.

Day 5: Audio Routing and Busing

  • Understand how to set up audio routing between plugins.
  • Learn about using busses and subgroups for efficient processing.
  • Explore options for parallel processing and effects chains.

Day 6: Using Scriptlets

  • Explore the basics of using GPScript to automate tasks.
  • Experiment with simple scripting to control plugins.
  • Understand how scriptlets can enhance your live performance.

Day 7: MIDI Integration

  • Learn how to integrate MIDI hardware into Gig Performer.
  • Experiment with controlling virtual instruments using MIDI.
  • Understand the MIDI learn functionality for seamless integration.

Day 8: Advanced Effects and Processing

  • Dive deeper into using advanced effects and processors.
  • Experiment with modulation, time-based effects, and more.
  • Explore creative ways to enhance your sound.

Day 9: Customizing the User Interface

  • Learn how to customize the layout and appearance.
  • Experiment with resizing windows and panels.
  • Understand how to create a workspace that suits your needs.

Day 10: Audio and MIDI Recording

  • Learn how to set up audio and MIDI recording within Gig Performer.
  • Experiment with recording virtual instruments and hardware MIDI.
  • Understand basic audio editing and arrangement capabilities.

Day 11: Using Widgets for Live Performance

  • Explore using widgets to control parameters during performances.
  • Learn how to set up knobs, sliders, buttons, and more.
  • Experiment with creating a live performance interface.

Day 12: MIDI Program Changes and Setlists

  • Understand how to use MIDI program changes to switch patches.
  • Experiment with setting up a setlist for live performances.
  • Learn how to seamlessly transition between songs.

Day 13: External Hardware Integration

  • Explore integrating external MIDI hardware and controllers.
  • Learn how to map hardware controls to virtual plugins.
  • Experiment with combining virtual instruments and real hardware.

Day 14: Review and Final Performance

  • Review what you’ve learned over the past two weeks.
  • Set up a final performance using your patches and configurations.
  • Experiment with live performance techniques and workflows.

Remember, this is just a suggested plan, and you can adjust it based on your own preferences and pace of learning. Enjoy your 14-day trial of Gig Performer and have fun exploring its features and capabilities!


That’s pretty impressive actually.

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Fascinating :vulcan_salute:

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It can even create (somewhat correct) GP Scripts.


I agree.

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It works for Python or Matlab, but for GPScript too? Really?

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I didn’t check if it actually works.


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Probably not exactly what an experienced GPScript would do, but very impressive. How many GP users would be able to produce this?…


I also would need to check examples or check the documentation, so it’s easier to let ChatGPT make some ‘example’, even when it’s wrong and then to adjust it to my needs.

It’s mostly even faster to let it generate than to look it up (although the documentation is very good, note that ChatGPT probably also just gets its info mostly from the documentation and examples).

The free ChatGPT bot’s engine is 3.5
There is a newer, premium v4 engine that can allegedly do things waaaay better.

(this plan is generated with the free engine)

I asked exactly the same question and this is what Bing Chat came up with.
( Bing does not use ChatGPT, but it does use GPT-4)

Sure! Here’s a suggested plan for what you can learn each day of your 14-day trial with Gig Performer:

  1. Day 1: Get started with Gig Performer by downloading the free trial and configuring it with your audio and MIDI gear1.
  2. Day 2: Learn about the concept of Gig files and how to save time using templates2.
  3. Day 3: Explore the video tutorials on how to use the System Actions Block, Global Rackspace, and Widgets in Gig Performer 43.
  4. Day 4: Learn how to organize the Wiring View and use the Probabilistic Sound Designer in Gig Performer 43.
  5. Day 5: Discover how to work faster in Gig Performer by using Favorites and how to get started with Gig Performer3.
  6. Day 6: Learn about the main features of Gig Performer 2, including glitch-free and instant switching of sounds3.
  7. Day 7: Find out how to quickly assign plugin parameters to widgets and add a Wah-Wah pedal to a plugin that’s missing one3.
  8. Day 8: Learn how to use the Patch Persist feature and control multiple parameters with widget grouping3.
  9. Day 9: Explore the Predictive Loading feature and learn how to save RAM, as well as how to quickly create stereo connections3.
  10. Day 10: Discover how to easily convert a MIDI value to a widget value and associate rackspaces with song parts3.
  11. Day 11: Learn how to quickly insert multiple widgets with drag and drop, and send MIDI messages out when song part changes3.
  12. Day 12: Read some of the tutorials on the Gig Performer blog, such as how to set up MobileSheets or live streaming using OBS, Gig Performer, and JACK Router4.
  13. Day 13: Explore more advanced topics such as automating switching rackspace variations and song parts using the MIDI File Player or offloading audio plugin processing to remote computers using AudioGridder4.
  14. Day 14: Wrap up your trial by learning how to use OnSong with Gig Performer or change sounds and control plugins from your MIDI controller4.

I hope this plan helps you make the most out of your free trial with Gig Performer! Let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance.


I love that the Day 7 activity is to add a Wah-Wah pedal! :metal:

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It may be powered by OpenAI. But can it run ELIZA ?