How to rapidly assign plugin parameters to your widgets (with video)

Assigning plugin parameters to widgets is easy in Gig Performer. Select a widget, then a plugin from the drop down list and finally click on a parameter or learn it by clicking on the “Learn” button below the parameter list.

If you want to assign multiple parameters from the same plugin to various widgets – you do not have to repeat the entire process from scratch. Once you learn a parameter for one widget – simply click on the next one and keep assigning. Gig Performer will know that you want to assign another parameter from the same plugin and it will keep the learn mode and the plugin window open until you exit the learn mode by clicking on the “Learn” button again.

See the following knowledge base article for a full description of this process with video.


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Second time somebody opens my eyes today! :flushed::flushed:

It is not equivalent as selecting a plugin for a bunch of widget but it comes very close.

In fact, as I explain earlier and because I don’t have much space on my monitor to display all the windows, I often assign widget from the parameters list. When you do so, you have to select manually in the list of plugins the one you want to assign and this widget after widget.

So, when I follow the procedure of your video, I have to select manually the first plugin in the list for the learn button to appear. If I select a second widget without learning I will have to select again the plugin manually. But, if after the first widget I start the learn procedure, and then ONLY SELECT the next widget I want to assign to the same plugin (without learning any parameter), the widget is automatically assigned to the current plugin. If I continue to clic on other unassigned widgets, they are also immediately assigned to the same plugin.

So this helps definitely, even if it is not equivalent to selecting in one clic the plugin assigned to a group of selected widgets. I can start so and if I want to assign from the parameters list afterwards, the widget are then already properly assigned to the right plugin.


I totally forgot that fact… thanks for reminding.

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