How to proper setup GP3 with Yamaha CL5 or any other digital mixer?

I got a gig next month and the venue will provide two CL5 for FoH and monitor systems.
I’m trying to find some tutorial teaching how to proper setup GP3 with this console.
I got a macbook, but I’ll need an interface aside the mixer? Or can I just plug the ethernet cable from the mixer Dante out to my Mac ethernet port and the channels will appear on GP3? My interface don’t support Dante in.
I don’t have a clue and my time of soundcheck will not let me stop to discover things at the time…

Thank you all in advance!

Then I suppose the Dante channels won’t appear in GP3 and in any other DAW.

There’s been a few mentions of Dante here in the forum recently. Try a search and see if there’s anything useful.

You might need to look into the Dante Virtual Souncard, which seems like it allows you to use the Ethernet port on your laptop and then create a virtual audio device that GP3 will be able to use (there’s a 14 day free trial).

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Yes!! It’s cheap and useful. Perfect!

Well - we all envy you :slight_smile:

Just make sure you bring some kind of backup audio interface that will work for you in case.
Other digital mixers like Behringer’s X18 for example simply plug into a USB port and can be configured to work as an 18 channel audio interface.

Some support OSC which means you can control their parameters directly via GP using widgets.