How to play "Won't Get Fooled Again" intro

This is oldie but goodie - and I figured that it fits in this category! :slight_smile:

Link: Gig Performer | How to play "Won't Get Fooled Again" with Gig Performer


A question-just got GP and starting working this up. Is there a way to have the “sequence” start when I trigger the keys? It seems as if the lfo is chugging along at all times and if I’m slightly off so is the attack and timing? I’m thinking this might be challenging in a live situation. Maybe I’ve missed a setting on the ARP?

There is no sequence. You have to play the song.

Of course, that’s why I put sequence in parenthesis. When I play a note sometimes it’s got a strong attack, sometimes it seems like it’s in the middle of the lfo cycle.

Right but that is how that particular song was created. If you listen to the original, it’s behaving exactly the same way

I do understand that. My main gig board is a Kronos. When I program similar it gives me an option in the settings where the LFO’s wave will either start with the key trigger every time or continue and wherever in the cycle you hit the key, there you are. I didn’t know if there was a similar option that I’m missing. It’s simple to play solo but unless we’re using a click, time is likely to drift so having the retrigger option is helpful-

You don’t want the LFO wave to restart every time you play a note - at least not if you’re trying to emulate that particular song - but if you’re playing the solo part at the same speed as the LFO is gating the VCA (or in the case of my example by retriggering the ADSR which then gates the VCA) you should not get the drop in volume since each note you play will be happening at the retrigger time.

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