How to permanently display parameter value in a Label widget

If you need to display a parameter value permanently and possibly using larger font - you can use the Label widget and for its caption include this special token “[value]”. This will then automatically get replaced by the parameter value that the widget is associated with.

For example - if you want to see the progress of a backing track play position - you could type the following into your Label widget

“Current position: [value]”

Assign this label to the Audio File Player’s current position parameter and this label will now show something like

“Current position: 00:00:00” and update itself as the file is being played back.

NOTE: This option works only in Gig Performer 1.8.2 or later.

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Is the value sent out via osc?

I haven’t actually tried it but based on the way the mechanism is implemented, the value is determined before the OSC message is created so it should actually work just fine.

Doesnʻt work. It just sends the text “[value]” not the actual value like “6.5dB”

Bummer — (and a surprise) — I’ve added this to our tracking system - sorry for the inconvenience

i am assuming that you append “Name” to the end of the text widget. I named the widget “Level1” so I used “Level1Name” for the text object in Lemur. I got nothing with just “Level1.”