How to migrate GP to new MacBook Air

I used GP on an older MacBook Pro with very good results. Now I bought a new MacBook Air. I would like to migrate all GP-data to the new MacBook Air but keeping GP still on the old MacBook Pro.
So I will have to activate the 2nd License(of the 3licenses). Is there a step by step instruction how to activate the 2nd license and arrange the migration properly?
Thanks for any help.

Plugins: guitar software Tonex, Helix Native, S-Gear

Just activate GP in your 2nd machine.
Install all Plugins you have used on the 1st machine on your 2nd machine.

Hi Roland,

this is a manual process:

  • just install and activate your GP
  • close GP
  • transfer your gig files etc.
  • check on your old MBP which plugins you really use (GP: Windows->Plugins in use…) and install/activate them on your new MB Air.
  • restart GP and let it scan for the plugins

If you don’t use your old MBP anymore consider deactivating your plugins!

PlugInfo may be useful to check the right version (Apple silicon…) of your plugins are correctly installed or further action is needed.


Great help! Thank you guys

This article will help you: Gig Performer | Gig Performer Maintenance: Save, Export and Backup

On Windows I tried to be very careful duplicating file paths. It took me a bit of time to be comfortable the two setups were identical (sorry if this is not relevant for the MacBook).