How to load multiple midi tracks to 1 song in midi player

Hello All,
I am relatively new to GP and am now trying to increase my usage of it. I am trying to incorporate the midi-player but having an issue. I have a song in Ableton that has 4 separate midi tracks (4 synth/pad and 1 drum). I am trying to export the midi in such a way that all 5 tracks appear under the same ‘song’ in the midi player. I can get separate midi files for each track, but they are loaded in as separate songs:

How to do export/import these so that they appear as 1 song?

Thanks, in advance.

You have to export the 5 Midi Tracks into 1 MIDI File with each track having a different MIDI Channel

…and that is a challenge in Ableton Live.

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Or you load 4 MIDI File Players and in each you load the corresponding MIDI clip from Ableton.
With the sync enabled in all MIDI File players the start/stop at the same time when you start/stop the global play button.

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Thanks for the quick responses @pianopaul. Admittedly, I am just starting to get my head around ‘routing’. I use a PC with loopMidi and have done some work with it in Ableton so I agree with your opinion. I will mess around a little bit to see if I can’t get the setup correct in Ableton, but I like there is a backup option as well. Again, thanks.