How to keep oneshot lane playing track one time whenever play/silence lane button is pressed

How to play the 2 oneshot track which has drum fillings one time when the “play/silence lane” is pressed and then go back to the original track which don’t have oneshot pressed and which was playing.

Audio File Player not using the tempo from the main screen. How can we get the drums play based on the tempo set on the main screen?

This would work with a MIDI-Track which is variable in playspeed… audiotracks don’t work that way!
If your audiotrack is recorded with (say) 120bpm then the only thing you could do for changing that speed on the fly was time stretching, but this isn’t implemented in the available audio players, and it would only work in very narrow limits (without starting to sound very strange).
So you need to have the drumm track in the matching speed!
Or you had to work with MIDI-Files which would match the Global Playhead’s speed if “Sync” was enabled.

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