How to have more than 3 licenses?

Hi! Lovin GP!

  1. To have more than 3 licenses, is it as simple as purchasing it again for 3 more? Or is there a way to add more licenses to my current account?

  2. I just had my main gig laptop die on me, I am currently reinstalling windows, so of course I did not ‘deactivate’ that license. Not sure how that plays out… can I deactivate that computer online or how does that work?

thanks, Eric

one license - give you 3 activations. If you want more than 3 computers activated at the same time then buying another license will give you 3 more activations

Buying another license gets you three more activations, so up to six machines

You only had one activation so you could just reactivate it but I reset that activation so you have three activations again

Awesome… thank you.

I have the usual, home, live and backup laptop. 3 total.

I only had GP4 on the backup (GP3 on the other 2) so I am assuming that you are only seeing the 1 GP4?

And since this is the best value of my money, I don’t mind buying another 3 lic… would my activation codes be the same for all 6?

thank you, Eric

Much as we’d love your money, if you only have three computers, then you don’t really need another license!


PLEASE take my money! hahaha (Just Kidding. )

Actually I have 7 computers with plans for more, (and multiple bands )

If I do ever decide to get more licenses, do I need to make notes on which computers are using a certain activation code/account, and which computers are using another activation code/account?

thanks in advance. Eric

Yes. Each license can be activated on three computers simultaneously. When you get another license - that one can be activated on additional 3 computers, but the licenses are distinct. Both yours, but at this time - you cannot activate one license on 6 computers.


Roger that. Thank you