How to have a correct mix

Hello guys,
I really like GP and I don’t have problems with it so far, that’s great news for me :slight_smile:
I’m quite new with electronic stuff since I come from acoustic music and there is one thing I find very hard to do.
How to have a correct “level output” with my projects, so that it stays always the same ? I feel like sometimes it changes, depending on the room, the sound system, if the drummer plays louder than usual etc.
I’m not sure how to manage this !
And also how to manage this as a band ?

Thank you if you have any tips or insights.

Have a good day

I am using Reference4 from Sonarworks.
This is a calibration Software (I got my recalibrated Earphone Sennheiser HD 650 from them).
I also measured my Studio Monitor with their measurement micro and since I am using this
my sounds can be heard live and in a rehearsal.

The Advantage is that they try to make the earphone or loudspeakers as linear as possible in you environment.
And when your sounds are good with this environment they are at least OK in live situations :wink:

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This is a challenging subject, but if you always have a consistent levels for yourself and each musician take care of their own, then it really comes down to the mix which should also be consistent.

Now when you perform it really comes down to making your “reference” sound match as close as possible to the room you’re playing in. This involves level adjustments, but mostly EQ adjustments for every room.

Again - doing this is not trivial, requires a good ear and someone who knows what they’re doing.

On your end - as a performer - make sure you gain stage everything properly and make your internal band mix right placing each instrument correctly in the mix. That makes things MUCH easier and sound ok even if you don’t do a great job with EQ_ing the room.


I understood that there was a possibility that a future GP update would include some sort of levelling plugin that could be used across individuals rackspaces. Is this still on the list?

There are many plugins that measure things in various ways. In the end - it still comes back to the entire mix and the performing venue. Some sounds will perceived to sound louder than others even if measurements show them to be the same.