How to get MIDI data of a plugin into my extension?

I want to use a plugin that converts audio data to CC data. I already got it working in my GP Script (which I want to convert into an extension). In the GP SCript, I use a callback function when plugin parameter values changes, but I think it would be nicer to use MIDI data which is obviously supported by this plugin from Insert Piz Here.

However, I don’t know how to receive the MIDI data into a GP Script nor my extension.

The plugin looks like this:


Note that I do not want to actually send MIDI data over a physical cable/output port (at least not to a physical keyboard, hence the MIDI device is set to ‘-’).

I created a scriptlet to show that MIDI messages are received, which it does:

On ControlChangeEvent(m : ControlChangeMessage)
   Print("SL CC" + GetCCNumber(m) + ", value = " + GetCCValue(m))

However, I need to send the received CC messages to a MIDI plugin block to make it possible for an extension to listen to, but it is not possible to use MIDI plugin blocks inside a scriptlet.

Somehow, when I use the code inside a rackspace GP script itself, the callback is not called, because I don’t know how to tie the AudioCc to a MIDI Input plugin block.

See below a part where I couple the AudiotoCc plugin to a scriptlet, but I can only connect the AudioToCc to MIDI output plugin blocks (or a scriptlet, or MIDI monitor), and not to a MIDI input plugin block, which I need to ‘listen’ to inside an extension.


Is there some nice solution for this?


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I forgot how to make an input port on the MIDI In block (mine doesn’t have one).

=> Found: Enable Midi Merge!

Confirmed it works, even without the Scriptlet :slight_smile: