How to display a dB value of a MixerPlugIn

I have assigned a slider to a volume of a Mixer PlugIn. I have given the slider the caption [value] so that I can read the dB value.
With TouchOSC I assigned a fader to the GP slider. This works fine. If I additionally assign a TouchOSC label to the GP slider, the slider value from 0 to 1 is displayed on the label.
Is it also possible to display the dB value in a TouchOSC label?

You will probably have to use a GP label assigned to the volume of your mixer plugin, and a TouchOSC label assigned to the GP label.

If the underlying parameter can display using dB, then you should be able to use the [value] field in the caption to display the parameter text

So there is an OSC address for the slider value and another one for the displayed [value] ? I cannot easily check this from where I am…

Nothing to do with OSC. You can customize the caption of a widget to include the current value of that widget. Since the caption gets sent out over OSC whenever the parameter changes, you should be able to see the value in the label

I have assigned a GP label with the caption “Vol [value]” with the volume value of an audio mixer.
OSC Name: VolLabel

The GP label shows “Vol xx.xdB”.

At the OSCTouch label I tried the following addresses:

  • /VolLabel/SetValue : A value from 0 to 1 is displayed
  • /VolLabel/SetCaption : Nothing is displayed
  • /VolLabel/GetValue : Nothing is displayed

I can confirm, via OSC only values are sent:

Ah, that’s a bug - we need to fix that - I’ll put this in our tracking system

Oh, you were quicker than me :wink: But same conclusion than @pianopaul, no way to get the dB value even using a separate GP label:

/VolSlider/SetValue arg is a float within [0;1]
/VolSliderName arg is a string (here "Vol [value]" where value is not replaced by the current value)
/VolLabel arg is a float within [0;1]
/VolLabelName arg is a string

I suppose the best option would be to be able to retrieve the dB value in a string, e.g.: /VolSliderName or /VolLabelName.

By the way, in the above picture, my VolSlider caption was not updated with the right value. And more generally, the way the caption are updated is a bit confusing to me: sometimes it is only the value in dB and sometimes, it is the user defined caption (here “Vol [value]”).:thinking:

More details please - I just tried it and it seems fine

When you actually adjust a value, the widget just shows the value itself. Once the widget is no longer being changed, it reverts back to the caption (and if the caption is customized to include [value] then you’ll see exactly what you’re seeing)

You are right. I have two variations, and I jumped from one variation to the other. The slider jumped to the right value, but not the caption.