How to add a foot controller

Hello everyone; I`m new to Gig Performer and the community and I’m enjoying this so much! I"m a guitar player using GP to trigger loops and have a Arturia mini on stage to also play pads, etc. I need to add a foot controller to trigger when I’m playing guitar and don’t have a free hand. Is it possible to add a Bluetooth? If not, how would i add a midi foot controller. This is probably elementary questions but it’s all new to me- Any help is greatly appreciated; thank you!!

I bought one of these to use with gig performer. You can set the midi codes for each foortswitch and a different code for holding down the footswitch. Then learn them in gig performer preferences.

Wow, this seems pretty cool and reasonably priced. So, I guess I could use this as an option to change rackspaces (forward and back) and song parts (forward and back).

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I operate in gig performer’s setlist mode. I will use it to change songs, song parts and do a preset volume boost in gig performer but also send a midi signal that makes the stage lighting “blackout”. The software for it was a little tricky as the language translation was non existent or wrong, but I figured it out. I use it wired and I wish I could turn off the bluetooth to minimize interference w many other devices.

It’s really a backup for a failing Livid Guitar Wing that I am still using as long as I can wiggle the power switch to get it to come on.

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I have a couple of these and they are quite versatile, compact, and reasonably priced.

They are Bluetooth (that’s how you configure it using an android app) but midi Bluetooth on Windows is not well supported so I use midi over USB which works great.

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Awesome!! Thank you so much; I’m a babe in the woods with all of this and this really helps!

Didn’t realize I was on the mac page vs the windows; again, not the most tech savvy person but I’m trying

I had been looking for bluetooth setup on Windows but couldn’t find it. Now I know it can be done with android and not the windows. thx!

Maybe this?