How much latency adds Little Alter Boy?

Does anyone know if Little Alter Boy by Sound Toys is zero-latency? I’m looking to pitch down vocals live but my formant plugin from Waves has a lot of latency.

I’m a bit puzzled…

Ableton Live reports all versions 2225 samples - 50.5ms

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Pitch shift can’t be done in realtime because it needs a buffer to calculate the new pitch, but maybe Alter Boy by Sound Toys only needs a very small one, because they say “Shift the pitch and formant (gender) of vocals in real time” (which cannot be done, but nearly :wink:). You will have to check it for yourself if the latency is ok for you.
The plugin is on sale now for only 49€.


I use Pitchmonster (Devious Maschines) or Vocalbender (Waves)in GP

Vocalbender work fine with an old installer. The new ones have some issues.

The sound both excellent and work with acceptable latency.

Hope this helps