How have they made this sound?

Hi All. Am learning a bit of German + guitar/keyboard and came across this song below. The opening riff has me a bit tricked in terms of how they’ve made that sound? Is it a piano doubled with guitar? Epiano with a heap of reverb? How do you think they’ve created that ’ cut through the mix’ lead part? What is it exactly do you think?

Indeed, the lead guitar and synth play in unison. Also, the synth plays the riff in octave.

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They show you how it is made :wink:

If you want to make that sound by yourself, take a look a Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar 2 (MG 3 is out in beta for Mac only). MIDI Guitar converts your guitar audio to MIDI, which you can use to drive any virtual instrument. You can blend (layer) the resulting synth (or whatever) audio with the original guitar audio.

Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2 and MIDI Bass

Thanks so much for the tips…very interesting video too!

Would there be a way to replicate that kind of sound just with keyboard alone in GP? Maybe mixing a piano with a vst guitar of some sort? It’s a great sound. Thanks!

Of course, what would stop you of doing it? :thinking:

FYI this exact thing was discussed in this thread. Might be of help to you.

Edit: I just realized it was you that asked the question in that thread. So you can disregard this if you were looking for further opinions in this thread.

Woops…that is my bad!! Forgot that I’d already asked about it a year ago…sorry!

Apologies I didn’t word that well…I guess I was curious what particular guitar vst might work well…whether I should add reverb etc…I’ll do some experimentation…I’ve got some of the Komplete Ultimate guitar vst’s available…like Shreddage etc…so will see what they sound like in combo. Also will check out that other thread I started…as I can see there was already great discussion there…sorry for the double up.

For this particular sound where the guitar is not prominent, I think any guitar VST with a few guitar FX would do the job. The solo guitar is not what we mainly hear here. I think we see it more than we here it. So I would put more energy on the synth sound.

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Thanks David… that gives me some great things to try… much appreciated.